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Dental Implant is an surely artificial medical device that is used to replace missing teeth. Dental implant is surgically placed in the e particular bone, which integrates withthe bone to become a part of the body. This process takes 3 - 6 months, after which the dentist records the position of the implant using impression materials and makes the newest tooth that is cemented as well as screwed on the Tooth Implant. Dental Implants can help retain dentures to prevent the embarrassing moments while eating or speaking due to loose dentures. Dental Implants can be used with regard to patients with removable dentures to have fixed natural looking teeth. At Confident Dental Care Clinic, we use 3D scan technology in order to plan the position of Dental Implants in virtual model. Then this virtual model is converted into surgical guide, to help place Dental Implants precisely in the same position as planned in 3 D scan. We then make fixed temporary teeth on the same or the next appointment.

This technology helps patients with removable dentures to leave with fixed teeth. Dental Implants can be used for both young as well as adults. Confident Dental Care, Dental Implants surgeries are performed by national and international renowned dentists using the latest technology. 3 D scan and computer guided technology help in performing this complex procedure with precision and ease. Dental Implants enable you to replace single teeth or multiple teeth. Some times there can be a requirement of additional surgical procedures before placing dental implants to create new bone. These procedures are called as Sinus Graft, Bone Graft and soft tissue graft. Grafting procedure is a process of creating new bone where there is a lack of bone using artificial or natural substances. “If you might have missing out on teeth and loose dentures you may be candidate for Dental implants”


Endodontists deal with the treatment of infections, diseases and injuries of the tooth pulp (nerve chamber in the tooth). They save a damaged tooth by performing a root canal which removes decay on the interior space of the root.

Microscopic Endodontics (Root Canal Treatment)

Root Canal Treatment is a sequence of procedures for the pulp of the tooth which results in the elimination of infection and protection against future microbial infection. Root Canal Treatment involves removal of infected pulp chamber using series of instruments. The pulp chamber can be infected because of caries or trauma. The signs of infection is indicated with pain or discoloration of teeth. Root Canal Treatment is performed by the Endodontists who specialize with this treatment. Root canal Treatment requires 2-3 visits to the dental office and followed by crown to prevent future damage of the tooth. Root Canal Treatments can also be performed in single visit depending on the infection present. The Endodontist also use highly precise instruments as he is dealing with delicate tissue.

Confident Dental Care our specialists use lasers and Microscopes to do this treatment. In addition the presence of 3 D scan also helps us to evaluate the canals 3 Dimensionally to perform the treatment better. All Root Canal Treatments are performed using standardized protocol like using the rubber dam for isolation, rotary instruments, apex locators for precision, microscopes for better visbility. In addition our specialist specialize in Re-Root Canal Treatment using microscopes. Microscopes are used by Endodontist to have better visibility of minute structures like identifying missed canals, brokrn instruments and Blocked canals.


Our oral surgeons take care of surgical removal of teeth. Also included is the diagnosis, surgical and related treatment of diseases, injuries and defects involving the hard and soft tissues of the head, mouth, teeth, gums, jaws and neck. Local anesthesia, general anesthesia and conscious sedation are procedures to make your surgery more comfortable.


Orthodontists deals with treatment of mal-aligned teeth by repositioning of teeth to a more favourable alignment, thus improving the profile and smile of the patient.


Pedodontia is the branch of dentistry dealing with children from birth through adolescence including those with special health care needs. Growth and development, disease and prevention as well as child psychology management are covered under pedodontia. Also included are the highly specialized pediatric, preventive and restorative techniques. We also have a dedicated play area that keeps your child engaged, excited, making them feel like they have not come to a clinic. The play area is also a good place for them while they wait for their turn.


These cover treatments associated with gum diseases thus minimizing:

  • - Bleeding gums
  • - Loose teeth
  • - Appearance of gaps in between teeth
  • - Painful gums
  • - Bad breath


Varied gum treatments such as root planning, flap surgeries, gingival depigmentation,general esthetic surgery, etc. are also included under periodontics.

Combining the use of soft tissue lasers help you enhance the health of gums and associated structures.


Prosthodontics involves dentures, bridges, crowns, implants, and similar areas of expertise commonly associated with cosmetic dentistry. Dentures are removable (partial or complete) set of artificial teeth. You can regain your smile with well fitted dentures. Availability of CAD-CAM sets us apart from all other dental clinics by providing you crowns in a single visit.

Dental implants are normally made of titanium at the root, with a traditional crown as the tooth itself. We provide you with an excellent alternative to pulling several teeth in order to utilize a bridge or to get dentures.


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