Obesity treatment varies from person to person. It requires an early and correct diagnosis, and our team of specialists are here to help you do just that. Although there are several methods available to treat obesity, a thorough understanding of your case will help our specialists provide the treatment you need. Obesity treatment including Bariatric surgery in Bangalore is available at Fortis. From the time of consultation, up to treatment and recovery, the approach and treatment required is based on its severity. While some cases would require Bariatric surgery, others are taught to effectively manage their weight and gain control of their lives with more natural methods such as exercise, diet, etc.

With the rapidly rising rates of obesity in the world and in our country, the need of the hour is to employ solid actions that help us get rid of this slow, yet very potent threat to the well-being of our society. Obesity is nothing less than a chronic disorder, which can be caused by a multitude of factors like hormonal imbalance, eating disorders, inactive lifestyle, or some other form of chronic ailment. The hardest part about obesity is not the extra weight gain, embarrassment or humiliation that it brings those who are afflicted by it; but is the huge list of related disorders that we become susceptible to. That’s why a solid plan for Treatment for Obesity is highly necessary for those suffering from its torturous clutches. Thanks to a number of dependable Obesity centre in Visakhapatnam, that doesn’t seem so unachievable anymore.

Obesity can be treated in quite a few different ways. If there is no urgency because of any health risks, then it’s advisable to take a more natural approach, involving a healthy diet and regular planned workout sessions. But in cases of morbid obesity that actually poses multiple health risks like diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis, sleep apnea etc, immediate action needs to be taken.

At GJ Hospitals and Trauma Centre, which is a well-known obesity centre in Visakhapatnam, there are multiply health counsellors and physicians, who do an all-round check-up on a patient before deciding on the most suitable treatment plan, which is customized according to that particular patient’s health requirements.

If a patient’s medical records and current health condition points towards a more rapid requirement of weight loss, surgical methods are to be applied. Bariatric surgery is a collection of such surgical methods, any of which if performed on an obese patient, facilitates rapid weight loss.

Obesity Treatment Procedures:

  • - Consultation Process
  • - Surgeries
  • - Contouring
  • - Counselling
  • - Diagnostics and Pharmacy
  • - Fitness and Support
  • - Nutrition and Diet

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